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About Us

About The Playschool

Bachpan playschool has successfully hoisted the green flags in connecting state-of-the-art technology to preschool education and introducing the idea of edutainment in the classroom curriculum. Having a playschool chain of around 1200 schools operating across 400+ cities, Bachpan playschool is ranked amongst one of the best preschool chains in India. Bachpan preschool prepares children with a strong foundation for life and delivers the High Scope Curriculum that empowers and enables children to develop comprehensively.

Providing core preschool education while fostering life skills at a young age to nurture the roots of the toddlers with value-based learning at Bachpan playschool we are committed to spearheading child development across the nation.

Having touched the lives of more than 8,00,000 children in India Bachpan, a decade on, remains focused on nurturing the ‘unique potential’ to inculcate a research-driven curriculum to the daily learning schedule of the little ones using technical aids in every child. Our play-school inculcates a spirit of joy and enthusiasm in children for learning new things and outshine in the competitive world. Being one of the most prominent playschools, our play-school has everything that a growing toddler needs to complete his early education!

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