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Speak-o-kit as introduced by the Bachpan play school is an innovative learning technique which has been launched exclusively by this school chain. This is a comprehensive learning tool which contains a set of books...Read More


Another fun-learning element introduced by Bachpan play school is Robotime, a tool which helps kids to balance their learning with fun and augments critical thinking while your little munchkin learns how to build and develop a working robot...Read More


Now is the era of smart classrooms and Bachpan play school make learning fun through the use of digital equipment like the VCD or DVD player or laptops and computers, fitted to a projector. Gone are the days of traditional black-board education... Read More


Early education is all about learning through experience and following that Bachpan play school has introduced a whole new concept in educational technology: a ‘standalone’ Virtual Reality headset, a unique student-friendly interface, gesture controls,...Read More

Play School Chain year 2019-20

Best K-12 School Chain 2019-20

Best Playschool of the year 2019-20

Pre school Franchisor of the year 2019-20

Top Pre school of India 2019-20

World Wide Impact Awards 2019-20

Bachpan playschool has successfully hoisted the green flags in connecting state-of-the-art technology to preschool education and introducing the idea of edutainment in the classroom curriculum. Having a playschool chain of around 1200 schools operating across 400+ cities, Bachpan playschool is ranked amongst one of the best preschool chains in India. Bachpan preschool prepares children with a strong foundation for life and delivers the High Scope Curriculum that empowers and enables children to develop comprehensively. Providing core preschool education while fostering life skills at a young age to nurture the roots of the toddlers with value-based learning at Bachpan playschool we are committed to spearheading child development across the nation...

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Health Check-up

We organize regular health check-up camps for providing a healthy playschool environment to the little ones.

Montessori Toys

Our curriculum includes learning through Montessori toys, to develop the fine motor skills in a child.

Modular Furniture

Use of German-enabled technology helps us to create the masterpieces of modular furniture for our preschools.

Play-way methods

We focus on developing a child holistically using play-way methods and do not enforce learning through books only.

After School Fun

Our programs such as Saturday Club and Activity Junction helps in engaging children in the after-school liveliness.

Prioritizing Hygiene

We worship the place of learning and thus, maintaining hygiene around the school is always on our priority list.

Teaching Aids

Our specialized teaching aids help in imparting the lessons with efficiency and effectiveness for better retention.

Bachpan Academy

Bachpan Academy is running NTT courses for teachers looking forward to joining tiny tots by profession.

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